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My bias list keeps changing don't even ask me.

But I'm not a gamer, absolutely not a gamer. My love for Kyuhyun is way over being just a gamer.
He's my very own angel.

I ship many pairings.

99% Super Junior
1% another things.

Shall I mention Spica?

I woke up at 5am only to run and get here so I can queue for +3 hours because maybe /maaayyybeee/ I can get in and study Italian. Everything with a horrible flu. Who wants to die with me?
Also I’ve listened to 7jib like 5 times while waiting.

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Song: 너라서 (Because It's You)
Artist: Kyuhyun

So cute. (๑╹◡╹๑)



The whole world of SM is slowly imploding on itself. where the fuck is Heechul to save us? 

Cosplaying Anna somewhere

Petition for SM to make an official MV for shirt. 

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f-v-a-l-s-k5 asked:
ur list of fancams has been very helpfull!! I was planning to make one myself but didnt have time.... can i send u some links that will help u make the list bigger?

Thank you so much!

Actually there are loads of fancams I’ve watched but forgot to put in the list, and now I am unable find them again that’s how much I suck 

So, yes! Do send fancams if you want, sweetheart♥

SS6 in Seoul. 


I tried to compile as many fancams as possible… this is mostly day one, but there’s also fancams from days two and three.


Opening VCR — here


Bonamana  here (cut)

Sungmin solo one / two / three

Sorry Sorryone / two (Heechul cut) / three

 VCR 1 


Eunhyuk soloone / two 

Midnight Bluesone (Donghae focus) / two (Kyuhyun focus)

 She wants it one (Donghae focus) / two (Kyuhyun focus)

Ment (intro) one (Leeteuk) / two (Heechul + Hyukjae) / three (full)

Mr. Simple here

VCR 2here

Don’t leave meone (Kyuhyun focus) / two / three (Kyuhyun + Sungmin focus)

Evanesceone / two (cut)  / three (Kyuhyun focus) / four (Leeteuk focus) / five

Ment 2here

Kyuhyun soloone (with VCR) / two / three / four / five

 Kangin solo here

Ryeowook soloone / two / three

This is loveone (Hyukjae focus) / two (Ryeowook focus) / three (Sungmin focus)

Islands one (Kyuhyun focus) / two (Donghae focus) / three (Leeteuk focus) / four


Swingone (Hyukjae focus) / two (Hyukjae focus)

Henry solohere

Zhoumi solohere


D&E Stageone (1+1=Love) / two (1+1=Love) / three (1+1=Love) / four (1+1=Love) / five (Motorcycle) / six (Hello + Oppa Oppa) / seven (Oppa Oppa) / eight (1+1=Love + Motorcycle + Hello + Oppa Oppa)


Leeteuk solo (ft. Sungmin)one / two (Sungmin focus)


Siwon soloone / two


Frozen cosplayone / two / three / four (mostly Sungmin focus)

Rokkugohere (Ryeowook focus)

Shindong soloone / two (with VCR)

Ment 3

Too many beautiful girlshere (sapphire blue sea)

Shirt here


Let’s dance one (Hyukjae focus) / two (Donghae focus) / three (cut) / four (cut: Leeteuk’s abs) / five (Kyuhyun cut)

bonus (Ryeowook: Too many beautiful girls + Shirt + Rockstar + Let’s Dance)

Ment 4 



Mamacita — one (Donghae focus) / two

 Ment 5

Walkin’ — one (Kyuhyun focus) / two (Donghae + Leeteuk cut)

From Uhere (Leeteuk cut)

Ment 6 (goodbye) — one (Leeteuk) / two (Kyuhyun) / three (full)

Haruone / two (Kyuhyun cut) / three (Donghae cut) / four (Hyukjae cut) / five (Donghae focus)

Ending — here


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